Sharon M. McIntyre

Sharon M. McIntyre

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Dr. Sharon M. McIntyre (M.Ed, D.SocSci) has shared her passion for creativity, innovation, marketing, and branding with global corporations, start-up enterprises, public sector organizations, and students for 25+ years. She has held senior leadership positions and consulted in a variety of domains including software, energy, telecommunications, housing, publishing, and the arts. 

Co-founder of New Cottage Industries & Co. Inc.,  a creativity and innovation consultancy, Sharon is working at the intersection of innovation, values and creative culture. As Chief Social Scientist, she consults to the leadership team at Chaordix, a crowdsourcing technology and methodology pioneer in the brand and product innovation space. Through her consultancy, ShelfLife C&D Inc., Sharon is also consulting in technology marketing and frugal innovation with Eneo, the national electrical utility company of Cameroon in Central Africa. 

She has deep experience in developing and delivering education programs in strategic marketing and entrepreneurial innovation.  Dr. McIntyre's research has articulated a new model of entrepreneurial innovation in Canada and recommended program and policy and changes.  She is a member of the Alberta Government's Talent Advisory Council on Technology.

Sharon has lived and worked internationally, communicates in English and French, and holds dual Canadian and Irish (EU) citizenship.