Reciprocity in the Classroom

I love to find a loud classroom when I enter to teach a course. To me, it means the students have arrived early, they've already made some friends and connections, and the room is reverberating with energy as a result. It also ensures the students don't expect me to talk "at" them in lecture format for the whole class. While it is my job to teach in an engaging mannger, it is the students' role to actively learn. ...


I have had the privilege of teaching, guest lecturing, and participating on review panels at Mount Royal University, the University of Calgary, and SAIT Polytechnic. I also design and deliver corporate workshops and business webinars.


Hands-on projects and case studies are always part of my teaching methods. My goal is to equip my students with a knowledge framework and practical tools that they can use for many years to come. At the core of everything I develop and teach is the essence of marketing: developing an empathetic understanding of another person's wants, needs, hopes and desires. With this foundation of insight and understanding created, the ability for an organization to deliver successful and creative brands, products, services, campaigns, and ideas is significantly heightened.

> University Courses
Marketing Principles
Global Brand Strategy
Social Marketing Essentials
B2B Marketing
International Marketing

*New* - The Global Micro-Niche Company

> Workshop Topics
Marketing Essentials for Engineers
High-Tech Branding Strategy
Marketing Essentials for Software Products
Factual & Perceptual Competitive Positioning
Market Research 2.0
How to Avoid "Org Chart" Marketing
*New* - Crowdsourcing & Open Innovation Principles

> Webinars
I have developed and delivered webinars on a variety of topics including Crowdsourcing, Global Branding, Social Marketing, etc. Emphasis is on case studies and grounding principles.