Crowdsourcing for Qualitative Researchers

I was honoured to be asked to write an article about the impact of Crowdsourcing for the QRCA VIEWS magazine this fall. Collaborating with some very insightful editors, I examined the challenges and opportunities that the shift toward "The Participation Economy" (which includes Crowdsourcing) presents for marketing researchers who are using traditional qualitative methods to attempt to gain predictive insight about customers and the marketplace ... in order to help their clients innovate. 

The QRCA organization is the Qualitative Research Consultants Association which brings together qualitative and mixed methods research professionals from across North America. The QRCA annual conference is the BEST place to meet other marketing research practitioners who are working in the insights and innovation space. You'll learn a lot - the conference is focused on peer education - and make new friends and contacts. As a result of attending and presenting at their San Diego conference in 2013, I'm a member of the dynamic QRCA Creativity + Innovation Special Interest Group and have never looked back!! There is just so much sharing and learning among the members and through special guest webinars. Take a look at: how to join QRCA.

A digital version of the article is here: "The Participation Economy: from personal relationships to crowdsourcing."

The Benefits of Imperfection

The Benefits of Imperfection

A wise colleague taught me many years ago that imperfection can play a strong role in business and in life. He was a new VP in a telco where I worked and I was helping him prepare some presentation slides that he would use as background in his introduction to the team. He wanted me just to take a look to see if there were any glaring errors. The goal of the presentation was simply to share his background, his style of leadership, as well as some priorities he was considering for the team. ...

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