The Co-Creativity Manifesto

I recently wrote another blog item for CHAORDIX and the graphics folks did up a lovely infographic for it and tweaked it a bit for the site. (The goal of my piece is to establish a clear understanding for readers of the difference between basic crowdsourcing and real co-creativity for brands.) Below is the original piece and a link to the CHAORDIX blog version:

The time has come for the world's innovative brands to reach beyond crowdsourcing to fully embrace co-creativity.

A new era of participation marketing has dawned and co-creativity is at the heart of this highly-collaborative business model. While crowdsourcing may have decentralized some aspects of marketing, creativity and innovation through open calls to the public ... co-creativity has democratized the relationship between brands, employees and customers by building a trusted community of collaborative peers. The hallmarks of co-creativity, in comparison to crowdsourcing, are as follows:

When brands provide a creative and productive platform for their most engaged customers and employees to express their ingenuity, the long-term value to all stakeholders grows. People want to participate. They want to belong. And they want to co-create by contributing their ideas, enthusiasm and energy to the brands they care about most.

Sharon McIntyre, Chief Social Scientist, CHAORDIX