Quality & Quirkiness over Quantity

"Have you tried Quora yet?"

When I ask this question at conferences or other industry events (often in response to a question about social media preferences), "What's Quora?" is the most frequent response I get. When I share that it's like those annoying Q&A websites that often pop up when you're searching for an answer - except Quora isn't annoying - people are almost always intrigued.

Quora is a free, quality Q&A social platform that is lightly curated and managed to help create a good user experience for those who join in. It also emphasizes transparency around identity, which helps limit the trolls.

Interested in learning more about topics such as Crowdsourcing? or Open Innovation?
Chatting with the Product Manager for Google Consumer Surveys?
Keen on learning a Jedi's approach to Time Management?
Or reading those quirky stories of people randomly meeting Steve Jobs?
Maybe just want to share some memorable movie quotes?

Here's a Forbes article profiling Quora's slow and steady approach to growth. They've been around for five years and I consistently find useful information and intriguing contributors when I visit. Quora isn't about the quantity of "up votes"; it's about the unique quality of the contributors and their contributions.

Think about how you or your organization could contribute to Quora by sharing your expertise in a specific field. You might be surprised who is answering questions on any given day.