Founder and Principal Consultant at ShelfLife C&D Inc. where we focus on technology branding, marketing & commercialization programs, creativity and innovation processes, and education. We've had the pleasure of working with a range of interesting clients including:

ENEO    2015-present
Helping this growing Cameroon, West Africa energy utility company, Eneo, with a scope that encompasses frugal innovation and technology marketing mentorship.

CHAORDIX    2009-2011; 2015-present (3 years in-house as CMO)
Providing a range of strategic consulting services, as Chief Social Scientist, to this crowdsourcing pioneer in the co-creativity and open innovation space including early positioning strategy advisory, ROI case study research, co-creation and open innovation methodological research, programming and activity development, and brand development. (Stepped into the role of Chief Marketing Officer full-time from 2012-2014 to help drive growth.)

MATERIAL INSIGHT INC.    2005-2008 (3 years)
Providing marketing consultancy services to this tech marketing consultancy, helping startups to brand and grow. Specialization focused on high-tech energy industry client contracts.

SCHLUMBERGER    (2005-2008) (3 years)
Upon exiting Schlumberger as the Senior Marketing Advisor for their global software division, consulted under contract on a variety of marketing and strategy files, principally for their Houston and Paris offices.

Co-Founder and Process Lead at New Cottage Industries & Co. Inc. where we help people and organizations identify the type of innovation they are trying to create, assess for innovation talent, grow their creative capacity, master practical innovation methods, and deliver remarkable projects with excellence.

Innovation comes from the fringes. Creative outliers. Unexpected collaborators. Niche organizations. And out-of-the-way places. Today, creative commerce can happen anywhere. The entrepreneurial village is now truly global. Kevin Kelly's 'thousand true fans' can knock on your door, wherever you are. You can scale your impact and change an industry without rapid hockey stick growth. An evolution in social values, economics, community politics, and distributed technologies have given rise to the 'new cottage industry' — connecting the innovations of local entrepreneurs, creative makers, and innovative organizations to the global marketplace.

TEACH. INSPIRE. IMPROVE. We teach to help our clients unlock their full potential. We inspire with democratized creativity, innovation and discovery tools. We improve outcomes by connecting purpose to performance.